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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Steelhead Ed's Lazer Fly: Requested Tutorial

Step#1: Attach red 6/0 Uni thread to a #14-#8 sized salmon hook, and wind toward rear of hook until even with hook point.
Step#2: Apply a small amount of orange lazer yarn so that there is 360 degree coverage around the hook. The yarn should be tied in at the center of the material, because the yarn needs to be folded over itself.

Step#3: After you fold over the rear yarn, Tie in two strands of 2 inch long Lazer tail material.

Step#4: Take a generous clump of Lazer Yarn and tie in the same way as step #2. This stage may need done a few times to complete the entire body.

Step#5: Attach a clump of white Lazer Yarn like you did in step #2 and fold material back.

Final: Comb out all loose fibers with a dubbing brush, and form a small tight red thread head. Whip finish ..

I was fortunate enough in my teens to have met and fished with Ed Bordas on my home water, Elk Creek. Ed created this material and pattern to have great contrast in stained water and a vibrant translucent glow in clear to optimal river conditions. His original patterns were larger like I showed in this tutorial, but have been adapted into several sizes over the years. Ed effectively fished this pattern on the swing, bounced on the river bottom, and fished weight less were the fly was sinking so slow in clear water pools that steelhead would cruise up and snatch it. Today I like to fish the standard size #8 salmon hook size that Ed fished many years ago!! Tying lazer flies is sizes #14 to #8 in multiple colors will always produce fish on steelhead alley.