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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Robinson's Psychedelic Smurf Stone

STEP #1: Using a size 10 Daiichi 1560 (or equivalent), with a 1/8 brass bead, start your chartreuse thread and wrap to even with the barb of the hook. At this point develop a small ball of thread to spread the biots coming in step #2.
STEP #2: Select two black biots and tie in just in front of the ball of thread developed in step #1. The biots should be tied in at a length equal to the exposed hook shank (bend to bead). After you have captured the biots, clip the butts and wrap the thread forward to the bead for step #3.

STEP #3: Starting at the bead, take Ultra Wire in Hot Yellow and Blue and tie it in, then wrap it down to the tie in point of the biots.

STEP #4: Wrap both colors of the Ultra Wire forward simultaneously. This will give you the alternating color wraps. Wrap to just behind the bead head, capture it with several wraps of thread and cut the wire.

Note: Make sure to pinch down the wire where it was cut.

STEP #5: Wrap the thread back to just shy of the half way mark and tie in a pinch of peacock blue antron dubbing.

STEP #6: Using Hairline Chartreuse Ice Dub, twist on a clump and prepare to dub the thorax. The idea is for a round compact thorax.

STEP #7: Wrap the Ice Dub in a compact manner until a small pea size thorax is developed. Your thread should end up just shy of the bead thus allowing space for the last items needing tied in.

STEP #8: Select two white biots and tie in on either side of the thorax. The length of each should be equal to the length from the tail biots to the bead.

STEP #9: Lastly, pull the biot butts back to reinforce the tie and then pull the peacock blue antron dubbing forward to form a wingcase and capture. After several wraps to capture, again, pull the excess back to reinforce the tie. At this point, you can clip the excess dubbing and biot butts from the nymph. Finally, whip finish the head and clip the thread.

STEP #10: Add head cement if desired, and trim away any ice dub you feel may interfere with the hook point. Upon completion of those two things, this nymph is ready to fish.

The Psychedelic Smurf Stone (also known as Robinson's LLC...Lemon-Lime Chaser) is best fished in the dropper location...thus chasing another nymph or egg pattern in a two fly rig.

This fly is sure to find a special place in your spring season Steelhead box.

Tight Lines,

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
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