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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tube Fly: Senyo's Jaw Breaker

Spring Steelhead Tube Fly and one of my favorite go to Lake Erie guide patterns!

Jaw Breaker Beads come in assorted colors, and look just like the candy they are named after. If you are interesting in these beads they can be ordered directly at SAO. Email me at to place orders or call 419-466-9382.

Step #1: join a 1 inch section of Eumer x-small tubing with a 1 inch section of Eumer medium tubing. Create a tapered thread base at the intersection of the two tubings, and then add a drop of Zap-A-Gap to the thread base.

Step #2: Attach a generous clump of 3.0 inch long Black Finn Raccoon just in front of the tapered thread base you just formed. Be sure that the Finn Raccoon hair covers 360 degrees around tubing. Note: Do not remove guard hairs from the raccoon fur.

Step #3: attach 6 purple metallic flashabou strands over the Black Finn Raccoon wing.

Step #4: Palmer one purple 5-7 inch shlappen feather to form even collar around the tube.

Final: Add a drop of Zap-A-Gap to the Eumer X- small tubing just in front of shlappen collar. Slide on a black Eumer large monster cone and pre selected 6MM Jaw Breaker Bead. Press the monster cone and bead tightly to collar.

Remove fly from vise and melt remaining tubing flush to the jaw breaker bead.

Senyo's Jaw Breaker Tube Fly.. Preferred fishing hook for finished pattern are Diiachi X510 in sizes 10 and 8.
If you are just getting into tying your own tube flies, and are looking for fast, simplified, and functional tube patterns this one in my opinion beats them all. The Jaw Breaker uses sparse amounts of very soft breathable materials giving it tons of motion in the water, all the while retaining a large meaty profile predator fish like steelhead, salmon, and bass love to crash.
I have adapted this pattern to chase after a multitude of fresh water fish, and the profile it retains could suggest a leech, bait fish, or crayfish. By changing the color combos to match the stated food sources you can provide yourself with a fully stocked tube box full of jaw Breakers in no time at all. I hope you enjoy and good fishing!!!