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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tube Fly: Ice Man Minnow

Easy Minnow Pattern tied on Eumer's Medium Plastic Tube.

Color combinations can easily be created to match the water conditions and hot color of choice while on the river

Step #1: Take a 1/2 inch piece of Eumer Medium plastic tube. Wrap red tying thread which will become the gills of the fly evenly covering roughly a 1/4 inch in the center of the tube. Center tie a small clump of Pink Laser dub and fold the dubbing over onto itself.

Step #2: Center tie in a clump of Hare Line Pearl Ice Dubbing and fold over onto itself.

Step #3: Example of dubbings being folded over.

Step #4: Center tie in a small clump of Tan Laser Dub and repeat fold over of the material.

Step #5: Tie of the thread and attach 1 silver 3D prismatic eye to each side of the minnow.

Step #6: Turn the fly over and coat the thread and eyes with Loon's UV Knot Sense. Use a UV drying lamp or light to cure epoxy.

Step #6: This step can also be done as a group of flies to speed up the amount of patterns that can be produced while at the vice.

Final: Add a Diiachi X510 #10 to the rear of the pattern.
Here is a fast, easy, and effective minnow pattern for your fly box. My favorite way to fish this fly is to float it under an indicator, but it has also produced on the swing or by stripping the fly pattern during low water conditions

A bunch of colors can be created in minutes.