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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Low Water Nuke Egg

Step #1: Attach 6/0 red thread to the hook, stopping just before the hook point.

Step #2: Center tie in a half inch piece of Water melon McFly Foam and secure with several wraps.

Step #3: Trim the McFly foam to form an egg about the size of a BB.

Step #4: Center tie in a sparse clump of Senyo's White Laser Dubbing.

Final: Trim the laser dubbing directly behind the egg to finish the veil. Tie off and cut the thread.

Here is a fast, easy, and effective egg pattern on Steelhead Alley when the rivers are very low and clear. Multiple colors can be created by simply changing the Mcfly foam and laser dubbing colors. Pattern was tied on a Diiachi X120 #14 hook.