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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miller's MT Rainbow Trout Streamer

Step #1: Place a Mustad 34011 #2 hook in your vise. Attach 6/0 White Uni Thread and wind toward rear of hook. Fold in half a 6 inch piece of 30 pound fire line and tie in on top of the hook with several thread wraps. The loop should be roughly two inches long.

Mount a set of Orvis large recessed barbell eyes under the hook shank, leaving enough room between the barbell and the hook eye to build your thread head. Coat the thread on the shank with super glue and allow to dry.

Step #2: Tie in a 5 inch long piece of Olive/black barred rabbit zonker strip, so that approximately 2.5 inched sticks out the rear as the tail. The rest of the rabbit zonker strip will become the wing in another step, just fold it over the hook out of the way.
Wind your thread back to the barbell eyes and attach a 4 inch piece of pearl diamond braid.

Step #3: Wind the pearl diamond braid back to the rabbit strip tail, and then back to the front stopping just behind the barbell eye. Secure the braid with several wraps of thread.

Step #4: Tie in a clump of Hare Line's pearl ice dubbing to form the under belly of the fly pattern. Next take a sparse clump of sand shrimp(pink) colored Lite-Brite and tie in over the pearl so that an even amount of pink Lite-Brite is visible on each side of the head.

Step #5: Tie in another clump Hare Line's Pearl Ice Dubbing over top of the Sand Shrimp Lite-Brite.

Final: separate the Ice Dub head so that and even amount of material is to each side of the pattern. Pull and snug your rabbit zonker strip wing over the top of the Ice Dub head and into the channel created by pushing the material to each side and secure with several wraps of thread.
Tie in 6-8 strands of Olive Crystal Flash over the wing, and press in a pair of 5/32 Orvis Mirage eyes into the recessed part of the barbell. Build a quick thread head and whip finish...

Delaware River Brown Trout fooled on Miller's MT Rainbow Streamer!
This pattern can be tied in various color and weight combinations. The barbell eye version will give the fly more of a side to side action, where the cone head tied addition will give this pattern more of a jigging type up and down action.
The stinger loop allows you to add an additional hook to the tail when two hooks may be needed or makes it possible to cut the front hook to just use the rear hook. This pattern fishes extremely well as a "Pulled Streamer" from a drift boat for large trout or as a swung fly using spey techniques and sink tips for Great Lakes Steelhead.
Below you can see 3 more color versions and material list for this pattern!

Miller's MT Delaware Alewife
Hook: 34011 Mustad # 2-6
Thread: Uni 6/0 White
Eyes: Orvis Large Recessed Barbell & Mirage 5/32
Under Body: Pearl Diamond Braid
Over Body: Hare Line UV Pearl Ice Dubbing
Wing/Tail: White Black Barred Rabbit Zonker Strip
Flash: Pearl Blue Crystal Flash
Miller's MT Brown Trout

Hook: 34011 Mustad #2-6
Thread: Uni 6/0 Tan
Eyes: Orvis Large Recessed Barbell & Mirage 5/32
Under body: Pearl Diamond Braid
Over Body: Pearl & Orange Ice Dub
Wing/Tail: Tan Black Barred Rabbit Zonker Strip
Flash: 6-8 Strands Copper Flash-A-Bou
Miller's MT Dead Parakeet
Hook: 34011 Mustad #2-6
Thread: Uni 6/0 Chartreuse
Eyes: Orvis Large Recessed barbell & Mirage 5/32
Under Body: Chartreuse Diamond Braid
Over Body: Pearl & Chartreuse Ice Dub
Wing/Tail: Chartreuse Black Barred rabbit Zonker Strip
Flash: 6-8 Strands Chartreuse Crystal Flash