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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Senyo's That 70's Sculpin

Senyo's That 70's Sculpin!
This will be just 1 of 12 great sculpin/goby streamers shown here this summer!
Material List:
Front hook: Mustad 3366 #2
Thread: Black Uni 6/0
Tail 1: Hare Line Yellow/Orange/Black Rabbit Strip
Tail 2: Hare Line Chartreuse/Pink/Black Rabbit Strip
Flash: Magenta and Copper Flash-A-Bou
Body: Hare Line UV Pink Polar Chenille
Head 1: Senyo's Laser Dub Tan
Head 2: Senyo's Laser Dub Brown
Head 3: Senyo's Black Shaggy Dub
Rubber Legs: Metallic Purple/Blue, Crayfish Orange/Brown, Clear/Orange, and Pearl/Blue/Yellow Metallic
Note* Rear hook is a Gamakatsu #2 Octopus, and connection line is Berkley's Ghost Fire Line 20 pound.
Step #1: Attach Black 6/0 Uni thread to a 3366 Mustad hook. Cut a 6 inch section of Berkley Ghost Fire line and fold the line in half. Thread the Fire Line through the Gamakatsu Octopus hook eye, and then completely over the hook. This will form a loop connection that will make the Octopus hook removable if it becomes broke or dulled.
Attach the Fire Line to the Mustad hook by placing it on top and securing with several wraps of thread. The distance between hooks should be roughly 2.5 inches. Even though I don't believe it is needed, you can take the extra fire line that is sticking out over the eye, and thread it through the Mustad hook eye and fasten it to the bottom of the hook.(as seen in the picture above) Cover the entire hook shank and fire line with your tying thread and apply a thin coat of super glue. Give the glue a moment to dry; If you plan on tying several you and make several more hooks to this stage while waiting for them to dry.

Step #2: Attach a 2.5 inch piece of Hare Line Rabbit Strip to the hook on each side of the Fire Line. The Leather of the rabbit strip should end at the front of the Octopus Hooks eye for both pieces.

Step #3: Attach 4-6 stands of both Magenta and Copper Flash-A-Bou over the top of the pattern, and centered between both rabbit strips.

Step #4: Tie in a 2 inch piece of Hare Line UV Pink Polar Chenille, and palmer the chenille roughly a 1/2 toward the hook eye and secure.

Step #5: Center tie in a Small Clump of Senyo's Tan Laser Dubbing and secure with several wraps of tying thread. Fold the front half of the dubbing toward the rear and clean the head up by brushing out any loose material.

Step #6: Attach the four specified rubber leg colors or colors of your own choice to each side of the head. Trim these legs to approximately 2.5 inches in length before the next step.

Step #7: Center tie in a small clump of Senyo's Brown Laser Dubbing. Once again fold the dubbing back and comb out any loose fibers.

Step #8: Center tie a clump of Senyo's Black Shaggy Dub to build the front of your head. Fold over the material and add a drop of super glue for strength. Don't try to be pretty here! It is meant to be bushy and full of movement! Trim Sparingly....

Final: Lightly trim the front of the head and cut the tying thread.. The Mustad hook point is now cut off just above the hook bend. Here is a top view of the completed Senyo's That 70's Sculpin... We hope you enjoyed the new tutorial!