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Monday, January 31, 2011

Wiley’s Mad Hatter

Hook: Gamakatsu SP11 #2
Thread: 6/0 Uni-Thread
Eye: Medium Size Dumbbell Eye
Tail: Schlappin Feathers and Buck Tail
Body: Cross Cut Rabbit Strip
Collar: Base of Schlappin Feather
Flash: Holographic Flashabou
Legs: Sili Legs
Head: Ice Dubbing

Step 1- Start by putting a Gamakatsu SP11 #2 in the vise. Wrap a layer of 6/0 Uni-Thread on the shank.

Step 2- Attach a Medium size dumbbell eye 1/8” from the hook eye. Tie the eye on the underside of the hook shank.

Step 3- Take four Schlappin feathers and cut them about one and one half the length of the hook shank. Secure two feathers on either side of the hook.

Step 4- Tie in a small clump of buck tail on either side of the Schlappin feather. Make the buck tail about half the length of the Schlappin feathers.

Step 5- Tie in a strip of crosscut rabbit in the same area as the Schlappin and buck tail were. Wrap the rabbit forward to just before the eye, secure and cut off excess.

Step 6- Were the rabbit was tied off, tie in one of the fluffy base ends of the Schlappin that was cut off for the tail. Wrap that forward twice to the eye, secure and cut off excess.

Step 7- Now, tie in two rubber legs on each side of the fly. Tie the legs in right above the dumbbell eye.

Step 8- Now, take three to five strips of Flashabou, double them over and tie them in above the eyes as well.

Step 9- Take Ice Dubbing and dub over the area that the eyes, flash and legs were tie in at.

Step 10- Whip finish, cut thread, glue and serve to your local fish of choice.

I first started tying this fly to chase big brown trout on the Au Sable and Manistee river. It has evolved in to one of my go to patterns for smallmouth, largemouth and Pike as well. Tied in different colors this fly can be used almost anywhere to chase large predatory fish. So give this fly a try on your next trip, you may be presently surprised.
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