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Monday, March 21, 2011

Senyo's Craft Fur Intruder

Lake Erie Steelhead that took a Craft Fur Intruder.

Step #1:  Take a Mustad 3191 Size 2/0 hook and cut off at the bend. I know wadington shanks are most commonly used, but this hook style allows you to place the hook in the vice without having to tie your fly at an awkward angle, and it is an inexpensive way to tie this pattern.

Step #2: Attach black 6/0 Uni-Thread to the shank and wind to the rear of the hook. 

Step #3: Take a 6 inch piece of 30 pound standard Berkley fire Wire, and found the section in half to form a loop on one end. Thread the loop through the eye of a VMC 7356BN Drop Shot #1 hook or equivalent. Open the loop and slide the loop over the hook to form the connection. This will allow you to change hooks when needed.

The Fire Line is then secured to the top of the hook shank with about 1 inch of the loop hanging out the rear. Secure the Fire Line with several even thread wraps, and apply a thin coating of Super glue. Allow to dry. 

Step #4: Center tie in a medium sized clump of Senyo's Black Laser Dubbing. Fold the dubbing over and bring your thread to the front of the laser dubbing.

Step #5: Using Hareline's Black Select Craft Fur, take a small clump between your thumb and pointer finger and cut off the fur as close as possible to the fake hide. Place the Craft fur on top of the hook shank and secure it with a few thread wraps. Use your free hand and twist the craft fur around the hook shank, so that it evenly coats all the way around. Secure the craft fur and trim off excess or cover evenly over with tying thread.

Step #6: Take 8-10 individual stands of Chartreuse Lady Amherst feather, and secure them evenly all the way around the craft fur wing. You can palmer Lady Amherst feather around craft fur in you want too. When you look at a center section of Lady Amherst you want the shorter feathers for the rear wing, and the longer feathers for the front wing on this particular pattern.  

Step #7: Using Black Senyo's Laser Dubbing form a thin even body toward the eye of the hook.

Step #8: Center tie in a clump of Senyo's Black Laser Dubbing and fold the material over on to itself. Bring your fly tying thread to the front of the material.

Step #9: Apply another generous clump of Hareline's Black Select Craft Fur in front of the dubbing. Again using your free hand, spin or twist the craft fur around the shank evenly.

Step #10: Take 8-10 individual strands of Chartreuse Lady Amherst Feathers and tie then evenly around the entire craft fur wing. 

Step #11: Add 2 strands of Magnum Green and Black Flashabou over the top wing.

Final: Center tie a small clump of Hareline's Chartreuse Ice dubbing, create a small thread head in the front and tie off!

This has been a very effective fly pattern for stained water and higher flows on PA's Elk Creek for steelhead. Many color combinations can be created for this simple but effective pattern.