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Friday, September 30, 2011

Senyo's Gangsta Minnow- Add alittle bling to your fall steelhead streamers!

A selection of Gangsta Minnows for swinging this fall.

Step #1: Take a 20mm Articulated Shank and secure it in your vice. Slide a #0 Nickel Indiana blade into the rear loop.
Step #2: Close the opening with several wraps of white 6/0 Uni Thread, and add a drop of super glue.

Step #3: Cut off a 6 inch piece of 30 pound Berkley Fire Line and fold it evenly in half. Take the loop end and thread it through the eye of a #2 Owner Mosquito Hook. Open the loop and pull the line over the hook to form the connection. This will make for easy removal if your hook needs changed.

*Note from shank eye to stinger hook eye, they length is roughly 3.5 inches

Step #4: Tie in a 3 inch piece of olive barred/white rabbit zonker strip, and 6 strands of pearl/silver polar flash.
* Note- make sure rabbit strip hide doesn't extend past the rear hook eye, this will prevent fouling.

Step #5: Tie in a a white marabou feather, making sure the fibers cover completely around the shank.

Step #6: Palmer a full collar with a single 5-7 inch natural grizzly schlappen feather.

Step #7: Over the top of the fly add 6-10 total combined strands of blue/green/copper flashabou, and 4 silver flecked white rubber legs to each side of the pattern. Rubber legs should be trimmed to 2.5 inches in length.

Step #8: Center tie in a clump of white Shaggy Dub, and the fold over the front fibers toward the rear of the fly. Place a drop of super glue at the base of the head.

Final: tie in a set of silver plastic bead eyes, tie off, and cut the thread...