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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Hoh Bo (one of many variations)

The Hoh Bo: A fly that catches Steelhead everywhere they swim...


Step #1: Place a 35mm articulated shank from Flymen Fishing Company in your vise. Attach Orange Uni thread and close off the loop with several thread wraps. Take a 4 inch piece of Fire Line fold it in half. Thread the loop through the hook eye, and open the fire line loop and pull it over the hook bend to form your connection. Attach the Fire Line to the shank with several thread wraps, and apply a drop of super glue. Secure a size small silver dumbbell to the bottom of the shank, leaving roughly 1/4 inch in front of the dumbbell to the shank eye. Your stinger hook eye should be roughly 1.5 inch away from the shank loop when finished.

Step #2: Tie in and make 3 wraps with a small piece of Pink Sparkle Braid. Apply a sparse amount of Orange Ice Dubbing to your thread and create a dubbing ball in front of the sparkle braid. Tie in a single orange hen hackle by the tip and secure.  

Step #3: Using Hareline's Pheasant Tail Ice Dub, create a thin body to the dumbbell eyes. Palmer the hackle forward and secure just behind the eyes with several thread wraps.

Step #4: Move your tying thread forward in front of the eyes. Tie in a sparse clump of Fire Orange Arctic Fox fur to both the top and bottom of the shank. The fur should cover between the dumbbell on both sides. Tie in a section of 4-5 strands of Natural Lady Amherst Tail Feather to each side of the the fly.


Step #5: To create the wing tie in 7 Orange Ostrich Feather Plumes, and 7 orange Rhea feathers (optional). Add a couple more Ostrich Plumes if Rhea is not available.

Step #6: Tie in a Magenta Schlappen Feather and create a collar with 3-4 wraps around the shank.

Final: Tie in 8 strands of both Copper and Magenta Flashabou over the top of the wing. Create a solid orange thread head and tie off.

*All materials used unless noted are from Hareline Dubbin Inc. and available at a fly shop near you. If you can't find what you need contact us, and we will point you in the right direction!

Stay Thirsty My Friends!