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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Senyo's Preyfish

Senyo's Preyfish

Step #1: Attach Uni 6/0 orange thread to a Gamagatsu B10S #2. Tie in a small clump of Froshed Crayfish Orange Australian Opossum, and two brown Ostrich herl over the top. 

Step #2: Tie in a sparse stack of 2.5 inch Morrum (Mustard) colored Arctic Fox to each side of the opossum, and a set of 3 inch long Florescent Orange barred over clear rubber legs.  

Step #3: Cut a 1/4 inch wide and 3 inches long piece of Orange 2mm sticky sided foam.

Cut the foam to create a small hour glass, and stick in a small strand of 4 black plastic bead chain. Fold the foam over the center 2 plastic beads and it will secure itself with the glue from the foam.

 Step #4: Attach the foam body(about 1/2 inch) over top of the Arctic Fox claws as seen above. Secure with several thread wraps and then dub the center with a sparse amount of Pheasant Tail Ice Dub.

Step #5: Fold the foam back and dub underneath the foam with Pheasant Tail Ice Dubbing. Fold the foam over the dubbing ball and secure with several thread wraps. Repeat this step again to form two segments.

Step #6: After the two segments are completed, fold the foam back and dub in another small amount of Pheasant Tail Ice Dubbing. 

Step #7: Create a thread head, whip finish, and add a drop of super glue. Trim all the extra tail foam out of the way of the eye.

Step #8: Slide on the completed pattern on to, and place the 20mm articulated shank from Flymen Fishing Company in your vice. Secure the open loop with several wraps of thread.

Step #9: Tie in a small clump of Frosted Crayfish Orange Australian Opossum, and 3 to 6  Brown/Orange/Gold rubber legs to each side of the opossum. 

Step #10: Apply a small amount of Lock Tite Gel to the inside of a large Brown Sculpin Helmut from Flymen Fishing company, and slide it over the rubber legs and opossum fur. Cut your tying thread and bring it to the front of the helmut. Note: Make sure all material is trimmed away from the loop to allow free motion of the hook.

Step #11: Tie in another sparse clump of Frosted Crayfish orange Australian Opossum. Fold back the Opossum and created a thread head, tie off, and add a drop of super glue.

Final: Take a Brown Sharpie permanent marker and color the body, top of the helmut, and the claws as seen above.

What The Preyfish looks like in the water!

I realize there are easier patterns out their to use for both big trout and smallmouth bass. The motion and action of this crayfish imitation is deadly. I love to tie patterns that take some time and give me the satifaction I crave while fishing. I hope you take the time to try it out!