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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nymph- Senyo's Steak & Eggs

Tied as Published for the Orvis Company
Step #1: Attach 6/o black uni thread to favorite 2x strong nymph hook. Create a small thread bump at the rear of hook, and secure two black or brown goose biots to form the tail.

Step #2: Attach a piece of medium black larvae lace and wrap forward creating an evenly wrapped body. Secure the lace and trim of excess.

Step #3: Dub onto your thread a small amount of Hare Line's Peacock Ice Dub. Create a small ball of the material in front of the lace body.

Step #4: Secure the thread with a few wraps in front of newly created Ice dub thorax. Second take two more black or brown goose biots and position on each side of the body and secure.

Step #5: Attach a 1 inch piece of orange Mcfly foam(available through Hareline Dubbin inc.) to the hook, by securing the center of the foam to the hook.

Step #6: attach a small hunk of Chartreuse Glo bug yarn over the top of McFly foam and secure with 4 wraps of thread.

Step #7: Take the chartreuse yarn and pull it to the side of the fly. This will make it easy to trim the Mcfly foam.

Step #8: Trim the orange McFly foam to create an even and small orange egg, and pull the chartreuse yarn back to the center of the egg.

Final: Trim the chartreuse yarn to about 1/4 inch to create the egg implosion. Form a head with the thread, half hitch and cut the thread. Two for one fly pattern that has endless color combos available to the steelheader.