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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tube Fly- Senyo's Infected Emerald

Hot New tube Design from Greg Senyo
Step #1: Take a 15mm Silver Tear Drop Eumer tube, next slide into tear drop supplied clear small liner tube. Melt the liner tube to make a small mushroom and attach provided hook junction tube.
Step #2: Attach 6/0 White thread on small plastic liner and at the base of the silver tubing.

Step #3: Add medium or large metallic magenta pink plastic eyes( Craft Store brand) at the base of the liner tube, figure eight wrap the eyes and add small drop of Zap A Gap.

Step #4: Turn the tube upside down and apply a small amount of Hare Line Emerald Ice Dub. tie the Ice dub in at the center of the material so that the dubbing length is equal on each side.

Step #5: Fold over front portion of emerald Ice dubbing to fishing the belly of the fly and secure the thread in front of the material.

Step #6: Return tube to the up right position and tie in a small amount of 2 inch artic fox tail. attach 8 strands of silver/pearl/black flashabou over the white artic fox under wing and secure.

Step #7: Tie in a small clump of 2.5 inch olive finn raccoon and build a small thread head.

Step #8: Add a small amount of Zap A Gap to the thread head, and cut the tying thread. Slide a Eumer Medium Flo. green Cone head over the thread base.

Final: Remove tube from vise and melt excess liner tube to the front of the cone head.
This pattern represents the Lake Erie Emerald Shiners our steelhead gorge on in the lake. Pattern fishes extremely well on the swing, but is equally effective on a Short switch rod presented on a dead drift under an indicator. Tube flies are not only for swinging and for spey applications! They are under utilized in the fly fishers arsenal and a main stay for me when drifting minnows is the hot ticket.