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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tube Fly: Senyo's Egg Raider Minnow

Hot new tube fly for Lake Erie Steelhead and Small Mouth Bass!

Step #1: Select a 1.5 inch section of X-small Eumer plastic tubing and a 1.0 inch piece of medium Eumer plastic tubing. Slide X-small tubing into medium tubing about 1/2 inch, apply drop of Zap -A- Gap and create a small tapered thread base at the junction of the two tubes.

Step #2: Cut off a generous clump of 3.0 inch long Olive Finn Raccoon Hair, and tie in at the junction so that the Finn Raccoon hairs evenly cover the tube on all sides. Note: For this pattern leave as many of the guard hairs as possible with the under fur.
Step #3: Attach six strands of 6.0 inch long flashabou. Two strands of each color; Silver,pearl, and olive. Center tie the flashabou and fold over onto itself and secure flash with thread. Add a drop of glue for durability.(optional)

Step #4: Cut off another generous amount of 3.0 inch long Finn Raccoon, but this time in the color blue. Attach Raccoon fur on thread base holding flash material, again making sure the fur surrounds the entire tube and previously tied on materials before securing.

Step #5: Attach large Metallic Blue plastic bead chain in front of material to form the bait fishes eyes. Apply a small amount of Zap-A-Gap to permanently secure the bead chains position.

Step #6: Blend a batch of blue and olive Senyo's Laser Dubbing together, and then tie in a small clump of mixed laser dubbing in behind the eyes.

Step #7: Invert tube fly and tie in second small clump of mixed Senyo's Laser dub, this time to the bottom of the tube and underneath the blue metallic eyes.

Step #8: Turn tube fly back to the up right position, and wrap thread about a 1/4 inch toward the front of tube fly. This will be the base for the egg.

Step #9: Apply Zap-A-Gap to the thread base and slide on 8mm steelhead orange trout bead tightly toward material.

Final: Remove tube fly from vise and trim excess tubing, but leaving just enough X -small tubing to melt with a lighter flush to the plastic egg. Add hook and hold on tight for some great spring run steelhead grabs.
Finn Raccoon has such great motion in the water, and provides life like action that steelhead can't resist! Couple that with the profile of a bait fish eating a steelhead egg!!! Watch Out!!