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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tube Fly: Senyo's Hex Nymph

Step 1: Secure a 1.5 inch piece of Eumer's Medium plastic tubing to your vise. Attach 6/0 tan uni thread 1/4 inch away from the base of the tubing.

Step 2: Attach one tan colored chicken marabou feather, so that the tips of the feather become your tail. The tail should be roughly one inch long. Second attach a 4 inch piece of gold Brassie wire and let hang toward the back.

Step 3: Take the Marabou feather and palmer over the tubing. Don't worry about the messy uneven feathers because they will be trimmed.

Step 4: Before trimming the feather evenly rib the tube with the gold wire. After securing the wire with several thread wraps trim the body evenly all the way around the tube. Make sure not to cut off the tail while trimming.

Step 5: Take a small clump of Hare Line's Copper Ice Dub and secure on top of tube fly. This will become the hexes wing case.

Step 6: Tie in a brown saddle or shlappen feather by the tips and dub the thorax with Orange Ice Dub.

Step 7: Palmer the hackle over the orange thorax and secure.

Step 8: Tie in a set of small black mono eyes or a set of small plastic black bead chain and secure. Note: a drop of Zap-A-Gap is great to secure the eyes.

Step 9: Pull over the Copper Ice dubbing over the thorax and between the eyes and secure with several thread wraps.

Step 10: Trim off the excess Copper Ice Dub and form and whip finish the head. Second apply a small amount of Loon's UV Knot Sense on top of the wing case, and cure with a UV Lamp. Note: Quick set epoxy can be substituted.

Final: Remove the Hex from your vise and gently melt excess tubing at the head to form small mushroom. Attach a Diiachi X-510 #10 hook to the base of the pattern.

Another View

Here is my hex version on a straight piece of Medium tubing, Just add a hook to the rear and go fishing. This pattern can be used with several methods, but under an indicator, and swung and stripped are preferred methods. Good Pattern For Great Lakes Steelhead, Trout, and Small Mouth Bass.