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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tube Fly: Senyo's Ice Man Minnow; Creek Chub Version

Requested Fly Pattern

Step 1: Assemble a Eumer Micro Tear drop tube and attach red 6/0 thread to the base of the plastic x-small liner tube. Steps for assembling Eumer's tube bodies can be found in the ABC's of tube tying in our fly tying links section.

Step 2: Attach a very small amount of yellow dubbing ( your choice) by tying down in the center of the material. It will be folded over onto itself to form the belly of the Chub.

Step 3: Attach a small clump of Hare line Copper Ice Dub by the center of the material, and once again fold the wing back onto itself. This will form the body of the creek chub.

Step 4: Attach a very small amount of brown dubbing ( your choice) and fold over the dub like you did in previous steps.

Step 5: Apply a drop of Zap-A-Gap to the thread base and place two small silver prismatic eyes one to each side of the pattern.

Step 6: Rotate the tube upside down and apply Loon's UV Knot Sense to the thread base and the eyes. A UV lamp is used to cure this epoxy. 2 part epoxy can be used as a substitute on this step.

Final: Add a Diiachi X510 #10

The Senyo's Ice Man Minnow is one of the fastest and easiest minnow patterns to tie, and the colors can be changed to match any bait fish species found around the region. This Tube Pattern has accounted for more Steelhead, Trout, and Small mouth for me this season than any other pattern.

Simple to tie, Fast to fill your box, Extremely effect every where.
15" Pennsylvania Brook Trout on a Tan/Pearl Ice Man Minnow Tube.

Buck steelhead that took this Blue/ Chartreuse Ice Man Minnow on the Grand River, Ohio.

Lake Erie Small Mouth Bass that took a "Key Lime" Chartreuse Ice Man Minnow.