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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tube Fly: B.O.B (Boy O' Boy) Minnow

Here is the requested tutorial of the BOB's Minnow adapted into a tube version. I had these pictures taken before I lost my good camera to the Brooks River in AK. The next tutorial will be the "Spey Minnow" previewing in the Orvis News this month. I should have the new Camera by Monday!!! Thanks Greg..

The BOB's Minnow

Step#1: Marry a piece of .5 inch extra small Eumer tubing into a 1.5 piece of medium tubing.

Step #2: Attach 6/0 Red Uni thread and wind to rear of medium tubing. A light coat of super glue on the thread at the junction of the two tubes is applied.

Step #3: Tie in clump of natural white Arctic Fox tail. Tail length is roughly the same as tube body.

Step #4: Attach a 3 inch long piece of Small or Medium Pearl Estaz.

Step #5: Wind Estaz to form an even body. Tie down and trim left over estaz leaving roughly a 1/4 inch x-small tubing exposed.

Step #6: Attach 6 strands of Pearl Flash-A-bou over the body extending the length of the tail.

Step #7: Palmer on a large Gadwell or Mallard feather.

Step #8: Create a small thread head, whip finish, and cut off thread. Apply a drop of super glue to the thread and slide on a Red Eumer Cone head.

Final: Trim and melt tubing flush with cone, and add a Diiachi X510 #10