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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tube Fly: Senyo's Kid Bow

This pattern was requested by a gentleman who wanted a rainbow trout tube pattern he could use for pike, bass, and other predator game fish in his Area. It just so happens I was working on a Rainbow pattern last year that was used to imitate the millions of juvenile Steelhead Trout planted into Pennsylvania's Lake Erie Tributaries during the spring. I hope you like the tutorial and thanks for all your requests...
Greg Senyo's Kid Bow with #2 Gamakatsu drop shot hook.

Step#1: Attach red 6/0 thread to a 2.o inch piece of Eumer medium plastic tubing. Center tie in a sparse clump of pink laser dubbing, and fold material over on itself.

Step#2: Center tie in a small hunk of Hare Line's Pearl Ice Dubbing and fold over onto itself.

Step#3: Tie in a small sparse amount of two inch long Gray T's Fur "Bionda Fleece". (Fleece can be found at

Step#4: Attach 2 strands of Magenta Flash-A-Bou over the wing.

Step#5: Tie in a sparse hunk of 3 inch long extra light olive Bionda fleece, and two strands of pearl Flash-A-Bou.

Step#6: Tie in small hunk of 4 inch long dark olive Bionda Fleece and secure. Lightly coat the thread head with Zap-A-Gap and cut the thread.

Step#7: Attach a pair of Gold/Silver/Black Gator Eyes. Fellow tyer and friend Nick Wright of Deer Creek recently sent me samples of these eyes, and they are absolutely awesome to use when tying bait fish patterns.

Step#8: With a black Sharpie marker place random spot patterns on the Bionda Fleece wings.

Step#9: With a Red Sharpie Marker make gills behind each eye on both sides.

Step#10: With finger nail polish paint the bottom and sides of the tubing and allow to dry. Here I am using Revlon's Color Illusion #010 Pearl flash color, that I have secretly stolen from my wife! The color is awesome for this pattern...

Step#11: After nail polish has dried ( less than 5 minutes) Apply a large bubble of Loon's UV knot Sense between the eyes. Cure with UV Light for about 20 seconds.. Turn fly back upright and place a sparse amount of UV Knot Sense over the head and between the eyes, and cure once again. The weight of the epoxy from the large bubble under the eyes is what makes this pattern swim and balance correctly.

Final: The finished Rainbow Trout Tube Fly, I like to call the Kid Bow..
Good tying and fishing!!!

Another version: Senyo's Little Bucket Mouth ( Baby Large Mouth bass)