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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Easy As 1-2-3 Egg Sucking Leech- Tube Fly

Easy 1-2-3 Egg Sucking Leech

Step #1: Marry together a piece of 1 inch extra small tubing to a piece of 1 inch medium tubing and apply a drop of super glue.

Step #2: Tie in a sparse clump of Hare Line's Peacock Black Ice Dub, and comb to the rear of the tube.

Step # 3: Attach a small clump of Black Finn Raccoon Fur so that it covers around the medium tubing. Note: Do not trim away the front excess material it will be folded over to form the collar.

Final: Tie off the thread and apply a drop of Super glue to the thread. Slide on a 6mm mottled tangerine colored trout bead.

Trim and melt excess tubing flush to the trout bead. Add a Diiachi X510 #10 hook to the rear.
Here is a super fast leech pattern tied on a tube for Lake Erie Steelhead. this pattern is always in my box and can be tied in multiple colors and in bulk in one sitting at your vise.
Here you can see my steelhead tube box with multiple versions of easy leeches, sculpins, and minnows...