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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Senyo's Super Ice Man Minnow

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Well to go along with the spirit of over stuffing ourselves on tasty mounds of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potato's...We added 4 new tutorials for the holiday! We hope you enjoy, and don't forget to pass the gravy!!!

Senyo's Super Ice Man

Step #1: Attach red 6/0 thread to a Diiachi 2450 #8 hook and wind toward the rear stopping at the hook point.

Step #2: Center tie a sparse clump of Senyo's Pink Laser Dubbing and fold the material onto itself toward the rear of the fly.

Step #3: Tie in a clump of Hare Line's Steely Blue Ice Dub.

Step #4: Tie in a 2 inch long piece of white rubber leg to each side of the hook. Fold the rubber legs over and secure, creating two legs on each side of the fly pattern.

Step #5: Blend together white and blue laser dubbing, and center tie a sparse clump of the mixture in front of the rubber legs.

Step #6: Comb the Laser dubbing toward the rear of the fly, and build a small red thread head. (This will become the base for the eyes.)

Step #7: Whip finish, cut the thread, and add a drop of super glue. Place a 3/32 3D prismatic eye on each side of the head.

Final: Coat the head with UV knot sense and cure with a UV light.(two part epoxy can be used if you do not have these items.)
Small, simple, and deadly on Great Lakes steelhead!

The possibilities and color combinations are endless! This picture is of one of my boxes while guiding the Lake Erie Tributaries... It pays to keep it simple and most importantly different from anything else!!!