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Friday, January 1, 2010

Senyo's Triple Bunny Emerald Shiner Streamer

My email exploded after the last tutorial with a ton of interest in big streamers, Awesome!!! Nearly 3/4 of the emails wanted more of a Lake Erie Emerald Shiner Pattern that could be used for Lake Erie Steelhead, Small Mouth Bass, and in the Lake Erie Surf... I hope you guys like it!!!

Step #1: Cut a Mustad 3366 #2 hook at the hook bend and place it in your vise. Attach 6/0 White Uni Thread and wind to the rear of the hook.

Step #2: Rotate your vice up side down, and attach a 2.5 inch long piece of white rabbit zonker strip. Re invert the vice back to the up right position and secure rabbit strip with a few extra wraps of thread.

Step #3: Cut a six inch piece of Berkley 30 pound Fire Line. Fold the fire line in half and thread the folded line through the eye of a Gamakatsu #2 Octopus hook, and then split the line so the hook goes through the loop. (click on photo to see enlarged look at the hook loop connection.)
Attach Fire line to hook base and secure with several wraps of thread, and coat entire hook base with super glue and allow to dry. The rear hook should trail behind the base roughly 2.5 inches.

Step #4: Attach a 2.5 inch piece of light olive rabbit zonker strip and secure.

Step #5: Tie in a small clump of Hare Lines two tone blue and white crosscut rabbit strip as a collar and secure.

Step #6: Palmer in a 1.5 inch piece of Hare Lines Olive Polar Chenille. The chenille should cover roughly a 1/2 inch of the hook base.

Step #7: Tie in 2 strands of white rubber leg to each side of the pattern. Legs should be around 2-2 1/2 inches long.

Step #8: Center tie in a sparse amount of Hare Lines Pearl Ice Dubbing, and fold the material over itself. Comb out all loose material with a dubbing brush.

Step #9: Tie in toward the hook eye a set of medium metallic green plastic bead chain eyes and secure. Center tie a piece of Olive Mcfly Foam on the top of the hook just behind the eyes, and white Mcfly foam on the bottom just behind the eyes. Make several wraps to secure the fly foam and then bring the thread over the eye to the front to form small thread head.
Add a sparse amount of super glue to the thread head, and cut the thread.

Step #10: Cut the Mcfly foam straight across the top and bottom of the pattern to form the Emerald Shiner Head.

Final: Add gills to your Emerald Shiner with a red Sharpie Marker...

The Triple Bunny Streamer finishes out at roughly 3.5 inches! Colors can easily be created to match, goby, sculpin, egg head leeches, Emerald Shiners, Chubs, Baby Sucker, or flashy attractors.