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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Senyo's Tube Sculpin

The Senyo's Tube Sculpin tied as previewed for Hatches Magazine. Fly Photos for this tutorial by John Miller. We hope you enjoy this pattern as much as we do...

Senyo's Olive Tube Sculpin

Step #1: Marry a 1 inch long piece of Eumer large tubing to a 1.5 inch of Eumer Small tubing. Using black 6/0 thread cover the connection joint with several wraps of thread and add a drop of super glue. Wrap toward rear of large tubing leaving roughly a half inch exposed.

Step #2: Tie in an olive marabou plume and 4 to 6 strands of pearl Flash-A-Bou and secure with several wraps of thread.

Step #3: Tie in a 3 inch piece of olive polar chenille and palmer an even body.

Step #4: Add another olive marabou plume and then palmer a collar with a mallard or gadwell feather.

Step #5: Center tie in a small clump of Senyo's Laser dubbing in brown, tan, and olive.(In that order) Make sure the material covers around the tubing evenly, and then brush out the entire head to blend the head colors.

Step #6: Build a small thread head and add a drop of super glue. Slide on a Large Eumer Monster cone tight to the head. Trim the excess tubing leaving enough to mushroom the tubing flush to the cone with a lighter.
Note: This style of cone head is not intended to make the fly wiggle or wobble in any way! This style cone is simply used to push water over and around the cone's surface area to create turbulence causing better motion to the wing and body materials of the pattern.
The reason I bring this up is that some area tyers who have just recently began tying tube flies believe that it is supposed to give the fly a wiggle type action, and have gone to great lengths to grind and alter these heads without even understanding the Monster cones intended purpose.
If you want a great wiggle action to your patterns use a Marc Petitjean Magic cone which slides right on your line and has been used for many years on all types of fly patterns.

The Completed Olive Senyo's Tube Sculpin...