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Friday, January 22, 2010

Senyo's Wiggle Stone

A loaded Box of Senyo's Wiggle Stones!

Step #1: Place any #12 to #14 down eye dry fly hook on your vise. Attach 6/0 black thread to the hook and wind to the rear of the hook, and create a small ball with your tying thread.( The down eye hook improves the motion of the tail.)

Step #2: Attach a black goose biot on each side of the thread ball and secure. Tail length should be roughly a 1/4 inch.

Step 3#: Tie in a 3 inch long piece of 5X mono and allow to hang off the back of the tail. Dub a small even or slightly tapered body with black rabbit fur.

Step #4: Take the mono and rib the body with even wraps toward the hook eye, and then secure with thread. To finish the Tail create a small thread head, whip finish, and cut the tying thread.

Step #5: Cut the rear of the hook off as close to the tail as possible.

Step #6: Place a Diiachi X120 #10 or #12 hook in your vise and attach 6/0 black thread to the hook as you see above. Tie in a 3 inch piece of 8 pound mono or fire line (tyers choice) and allow to hang to the rear.

Step #7: Thread the mono through the bottom of the tail hooks eye, and create a horizontal loop on top of the hook. Secure the tag end of the mono with several wraps of thread and add a dab of super glue.
Note* Loop should be as small as possible without interfering with the tail freely moving up and down or side to side.

Step #8: Tie in a 1 inch piece of flashy pearl tinsel, flashback material, or scud back. Next dub on a ball of Hare Line's Peacock Ice Dub as seen above.

Step #9: Pull the flash back wing case over the peacock ice dubbing and secure with several wraps of thread. Place a black goose biot on each side of the thorax and build a small thread head. Whip finish and cut the thread.

Final: The Completed Senyo's Wiggle Stone. To mix and match different bugs and water conditions the thorax color is changed. Popular thorax colors are Steely Blue, chartreuse, Orange, pink, Cream, Yellow, Rust, UV Pearl, and Shrimp Pink. All dubbing colors are Ice Dubbing from Hare Line Inc.