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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Senyo's Shaggy Minnow-Emerald Shiner

Senyo's Shaggy Dub Minnows

Step#1: Place a Diiachi 2141 #1 or equivalent in your vise and attach black 6/0 Uni thread. Tie in a white marabou plume roughly 1-1/2 times the length of the hook and secure with several thread wraps.

Step#2: Attach a 3 inch piece of Olive Holographic Cactus Chenille, and tie in a single Grizzly Variant Schlappen feather by the tip. Wrap the Chenille to cover the hook shank as seen above, leaving a 1/4 inch or slightly more to the front of the eye open.

Step#3: Palmer forward the Schlappen feather until the marabou butt section of the hackle forms a collar. Secure with several wraps of thread and trim away excess feather.

Step#4: Attach 4 strands each of Blue, Pearl, and Green Saltwater Flashabou over the top of the fly. The strands should extend just past the white marabou tail.

Step#5: Attach 3 Olive/Green Metallic Flake rubber legs to each side of the pattern. The rubber legs should be roughly 2 -1/2 inches long.

Step#6: Tie in a pair of Natural or Tan Grizzly Mini Marabou feathers on each side of the fly pattern over top the rubber legs. The Mini Marabou should extend back covering roughly 3/4 of the body.

When working with Senyo's Shaggy Dubbing, a dubbing loop and/or stacking the material are the best ways to build streamer heads with tons of movement. Just pull out a small clump of the material and trim the long fibers on each end to make applying the material easier. For this pattern I have blended both Olive and White Shaggy Dubbing, and both ends will be cut to eliminate the long strands before applying.

Step#7: Center the Shaggy dubbing over the top of the hook, wrap in the center of the dubbing with a loose loop of thread(similar to spinning deer hair) and slowly rotate the material around the hook as you secure the center with your thread.

Final: After you have secured the center of the Shaggy Dub, fold the dubbing fibers back over onto itself and bring your thread to the front making a few securing wraps. Apply a drop of super glue to the front of the Shaggy Dubbing and tie in a set of large plastic bead chain eyes. Here I am using a set of metallic green plastic bead chain found at the craft store during the holiday seasons. Tie off and cut the thread!

The fall Steelhead Runs of Lake Erie offer exceptional fishing with the use of larger fly patterns. When our Tributaries are at high to moderate flows and/or cruising the beaches for a meal, give patterns such as this a shot...