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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Schultzy's Steech

Schultzy's Steech: Purple with Chartreuse Ice Dub Head

Hook: Daiichi 1120, Size 6-12
Thread: 6/0 Chartreuse Uni-Thread
Tail: Purple Finn Raccoon or Arctic Fox
Flash: Purple Krystal Flash or Flashabou
Hackle: Purple Hen Saddle or Soft Hackle
Head: Chartreuse Ice Dub

Step 1: Place a Daiichi 1120, Size 6-12 or equivalent in your vise and attach 6/0 thread.

Step 2: Trim a small piece of Arctic Fox or Finn Raccoon and remove the guard hairs.

Step 3: Attach clump of Arctic Fox or Finn Raccoon to rear of hook 1 1/2 times the hook length and secure with thread wraps.

Step 4: Add 1-2 strands of Krystal Flash or Flashabou to either side of hook if desired.

Step 5: Attach a single Hen Saddle or Soft Hackle.

Step 6: Fold hackles in half. Getting your fingers wet first helps when wrapping feather. Make 2-3 wraps and tie off.

Step 7: Twist some Ice Dub onto thread and wrap around hook to create a small egg head.

Step 8: Whip finish and FISH!!!

Proven Color Combos:
Black w/ Orange Ice Dub Head
Black w/ Chartreuse Ice Dub Head
Purple w/ Pink Ice Dub Head
Purple w/ Chartreuse Ice Dub Head
Olive w/ Orange Ice Dub Head

**Schultzy's Steech will be available for the Orvis Company in 2011