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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tube Fly: Senyo's Ice Wabbit

Step 1: Attach red 6/0 Uni Thread to a 1.5 inch piece of Eumer's Medium plastic tubing, Leaving roughly an 1/8 inch of tubing exposed in the rear.

Step 2: Attach 6 to 8 strand of Copper/Blue Crystal flash hanging off the back about 2 inches long.

Step 3: Tie on a 3 inch long piece of gold prismatic tinsel, this will later be used to create the body. Attach a 3 inch piece of Hare Line's barred rusty brown rabbit Zonker strip. The strip will be tied in with 2.0 inches left hanging over for the tail, and 1.0 inch to fold over the back of the tube.

Step 4: Wind the gold tinsel forward over the tubing to form the body and secure with several thread wraps.

Step 5: Rotate the fly upside down and tie in a sparse hunk of Hare line's Copper Ice Dubbing.

Step 6: Rotate the fly back up right and pull over the remaining rabbit strip. Using the red thread form a solid thick head and tie off.

Step 7: Place 2 Silver 3D Prismatic eyes on the thread base, one on each side.

Step 8: Coat the eyes with epoxy or UV Knot Sense as seen above. Note: a curing lamp required for the UV Knot Sense.

Final: Add a Diiachi X510

Emerald Shiner Version

A Spring Steelhead that took the Ice Wabbit