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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tube Fly: Senyo's Bead Fry

Requested Tutorial: The Sac Fry
Here is a step by step of a guide fly I like to use here for steelhead. Most sac fry are grayish in color and have a predominate silver eye. Colors can be chanced to match any fish species by simply changing the bead size and color, and the Finn Raccoon wing color.
Step #1: Take a 1/2 inch piece of Eumer medium plastic tubing and slide onto a piece of Eumer x-small tubing. Place a drop of super glue at the junction and slide on a 8mm orange plastic bead.

Step #2: Attach 6/0 red Uni thread in front of the orange bead.

Step #3: Attach a sparse amount of Hare Line Dubbin Inc. Pearl Ice Dub over the egg bead.

Step #4: Attach a sparse amount of Senyo's Gray Laser dub over the pearl Ice dubbing.

Step #5: Attach a small clump of Gray Finn Raccoon Hair ( Remove all long guard hairs before tying on.) Don't be afraid to build a red thread head! It will be used as the base to attach your eyes, and represents the patterns gills.

Step #6: Apply a thin coating of UV Knot Sense over the top and bottom of the eyes. Don't forget to add a little extra to the bottom onto the egg bead for the full yoke sac. a UV curing light is needed for this step, if you don't have one use 2 part epoxy as a substitution.

Final: Add a view light dots on the body and the tail with a black permanent Sharpie marker. Remove the tube and cut off excess x-small tubing, leaving just enough to mushroom the end with a lighter.

Add a Diiachi X510 #10 or equivalent hook size. This is a fast tie that allows you to fill your box rapidly in different colors and sizes, and spend more time fishing... This pattern works great for me on a tandem fly rig as the dropper to the Ice Man minnow.