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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tube Fly: Senyo's Steelhead Alley Prince Nymph

Prince Nymph for Steelhead Alley
Everyone that fishes the "Alley" has caught a fish or two on the famous Prince nymph. Here is a tube version that I have kept under my hat and has served me well the past few seasons. The cone head gives this pattern just enough weight to get it down, and colors can be created easily and quickly while tying by changing the ribbing and cone head colors. YES! Tube flies are as effective and deadly under an indicator as their swinger counterparts, and give you the same great benefits that go along with tying on tubes.

Step#1: Marry a 1/2 piece of x-small Eumer tubing to a 3/8 piece of Eumer medium plastic tubing.

Step#2: Attach 6/0 black Uni thread at the junction point and wind toward rear of tubing. Leave 1/8 of rear medium tubing exposed.

Step#3: Attach 2 brown goose biots, one to each side of the medium tubing, and secure a single piece of magenta pink flash-A-Bou of the rear.(this will become your ribbing later)

Step#4: With Hare Lines Peacock Black Ice Dub create an even body all the way onto the x-small tubing.

Step#5: take the magenta Flash-A-Bou and evenly rib over the body.

Step#6: Take a sparse clump of Eumers brown opossum zonker fur, and tie in to for a collar. The fur should no longer in length than the body of the fly.

Step#7: Attach to white goose biots over the opossum fur as seen above.

Step#8: Add a small amount of Zap-A-Gap onto the thread head, and slide on one of Eumers hot pink small tube cone heads.

Final: Remove tube from pin and trim extra tubing in front of the cone. Make sure to leave enough tubing exposed to mushroom the tubing to the cone by melting it with a lighter. Add a Diiachi x510 or equal to the butt of the tube. This pattern finishes out to equal a #12 sized prince nymph.