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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tube Fly: Senyo's Steelhead Alley Stone Fly

Requested Tutorial; Stone fly nymph tube for Steelhead Alley
Here is a version of a stone fly nymph that I came up with last year while guiding for steelhead. The pattern finishes out at about 1-1/8 inches and is best fished solo under an indicator. Especially worked well late fall into winter drifted slowly through the deeper pools where steelhead prefer to hold during that time of year.

Step#1: Join a 3/4 inch of Eumers x-small tubing with a piece of 1/2 inch medium Tubing.

Step#2: Attach black 6/0 Uni thread and wind toward rear of tubing. Leave 1/8 inch of the tubing exposed.

Step#3: Attach 3 strands of Black Crystal Flash to each side of the medium tube. tails should be roughly 5/8 inch in length.

Step#4: Attach a 3 inch piece of small black vinyl or plastic ribbing.

Step#5: Wrap the body of the tube evenly with black vinyl ribbing.

Step#6: Attach a piece of metallic blue tinsel, this will create the wing case.( same stuff you get on a spool in silver or gold to make tinsel wrapped minnow bodies, like the body of a Mickey finn.) Second attach a sparse clump of black rabbit fur, so that the tips of the fur are no longer than the vinyl body and secure.

Step#7: Dub a BB sized thorax with Hare Line's Orange Ice Dubbing, Pull over the blue wing case and secure. Fold wing case material back toward rear you still need it.

Step#8: Apply another sparse amount of black rabbit fur and secure.

Step#9: Dub a second BB sized thorax of Orange Ice Dub, and pull wing case over the top and secure. You can cut of extra wing case material now.

Step#10: Attach a third sparse clump of black rabbit fur, and also attach 3 half inch pieces of black Crystal Flash to each side of the pattern.

Step#11: dub your last BB sized thorax and build a small thread head. Whip finish and apply a drop of super glue.

Final: Slide a small black or gun metal finished Eumer tube cone flush to the last thorax. Trim extra tubing in front of the cone, leaving just enough to melt and mushroom the tubing flush to the cone. Add a Diiachi x510 or equal to the rear of the tube..