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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tube Fly: Simple Finn Raccoon Emerald Shiner

First we would like to thank everyone for your feed back and requests! Right now we are about a dozen requested fly tutorials behind and we will get them all done this summer. Next in line was a request for the easiest way to tie a Emerald shiner on a tube. Here is a super fast Emerald with tons of motion and can be tied in any size you want.

Simple and Effective Emerald Shiner Tube Fly

Step #1: Marry a 2 inch long piece of Eumers x small tubing with a 3/4 inch piece of Medium tubing. Attach white 6/0 Uni Thread and wind toward tube junction laying a thin even coat of white thread on the x-small tube body. Wind thread back to front of tubing about 1/2 inch from the front.

Step #2: Attach a sparse hunk of white Finn Raccoon fur and secure.

Step #3: Rotate the pattern 180 degrees and add 8 strands of Olive Pearl Flash-A-Bou and secure.

Step #4: Attach a piece of large silver plastic bead chain and secure. A drop of super glue will help set the eyes in place.

Step #5: Rotate the pattern 180 degree back to original starting position. Tie in a sparse hunk of olive Finn Raccoon fur right in front of the silver eyes and secure.

Final: After you build a solid thread head, whip finish, cut thread, and cement head. Cut off remaining tubing in front of the thread head, leaving just enough to melt and mushroom the x-small tubing flush to the head. Preferred hook is a Diiachi X 510 #10
You wanted simple and you got it, and we did not have to sacrifice movement or profile to do it. Finn Raccoon is an amazing fur and a little goes along way in the water. Finn Raccoon is the new Marabou!!!! You may use weighted bodies or heavy eyes for more weight, but a sink tip system though not necessary is preferred.