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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Arctic Raccoon Streamer

Recently we had a request from a gentleman to tie a streamer that incorporates all the great new materials used on tube flies onto a standard hook pattern. He also wanted the pattern version to be used for Small Mouth Bass in the Lake Erie Region. Well here is a streamer that uses Arctic fox and Finn Raccoon fur. This fly breathes, moves, and comes alive when you add water. Tight Lines!

Arctic Raccoon Streamer in two color versions. The Hi Vis minnow and Elk Creek Goby.

Step#1: Attach 6/0 olive thread to a Mustad #2 heavy wet nymph Hook.

Step#2: Attach a generous clump of White Finn Raccoon Fur, and 6 strands of Emerald Pearl Flash-A-Bou.

Step#3: Attach a generous clump of Chartreuse Arctic Fox Tail over the Finn Raccoon. Make sure fox tail fur covers 360 degrees around hook.

Step#4: Palmer on a full Gadwell or Mallard feather and secure.

Step#5: Center tie in a small clump of Senyo's Gray Laser Dubbing and fold material over itself.

Step#6: Rotate pattern 180 degrees and tie in silver small dumb bell eyes. Secure with a drop of super glue or Zap-A-Gap.

Step#7: Center tie a sparse amount of gray laser dubbing in front of the eyes.

Step#8: Rotate the pattern back up right and center tie on a sparse clump of chartreuse laser dubbing.

Final: Finish pattern by building a small thread head, whip finish, and cement if needed. Paint on the streamers gills with a Sharpie red marker.
Even know this pattern is listed for Small mouth Bass this pattern also serves well for Steelhead, Trout, salmon, and large Mouth Bass.